About the Founder

The founder and lead organizer of Mingle Utah is Matthew Winters. Matt has been a resident of Utah for most of the time since 1996. Through December 2015, he did consulting work for HP / Hewlett Packard on the enterprise-side (now Hewlett-Packard Enterprise) in global branding and marketing for many years. Currently he is on "hiatus" from consulting while he works on some start-ups (some in "stealth mode").

In general, Matt is an extrovert who loves being around people; likes to see people getting along; and likes finding ways to help bring people together. He is far from perfect but is a genuine, sincere, and conscientious soul who believes people basically good. At times he let's himself get just a bit too busy, especially since he has a hard time saying "no" to people in need.

Matt takes the safety, integrity, and general well-being of this singles community very seriously. While by nature Matt is very much the "peacekeeper type" of person, in the event it is ever necessary, he will take a very firm and assertive stance to act protectively and decisively towards anyone who threatens or undermines the welfare of this community of single people.

As a personal policy for himself, Matt does not date anyone in this singles community. For Matt, this helps to ensure no one feels uncomfortable in the group and better allows him to facilitate group interactions. Ironically, working with this singles community actually doesn't do much for his own dating life. But right now Matt is really happy to be trying to help bring others together.

Matt's belief is that anyone at any time may just be one opportunity away from meeting the love of their life or their new best friend. He is actively engaged visibly and behind the scenes in trying to support the core mission of Mingle Utah: To provide as many opportunities as possible for Utah singles to meet, date, and mingle.