How to Be Single Warner Brothers Movie Advance Screening

On February 8, 2016, several dozen of us had fun doing a reserved seat advance screening of the "How To Be Single" movie from Warner Brothers, released later that week. In coordination with an agency for the studio, we passed out movie merchandise and took photos for the studio at a speed dating event on February 13.

For anyone interested, we still have some left over mini-posters of the movie. You're welcome to them.

Our community generally found the movie to be quite hilarious. We may look at doing more movie screenings as an activity, especially combined with some mingling at a local cafe (or other) afterwards. All said and done, funny movies can be a nice break from routine life, and many attendees expressed such thoughts.

Mingle Utah is a fun, open, and active community. Whether for movie events or other types of activities, enrich your life and learn How To Be Single with us. :-)