Live from Games Night: Space on Wendover Fun Bus tomorrow and only $21

Howdy Minglers,

Live, from Games Central Capital .... we've pretty much taken over most of High Point Coffee tonight.

Now, before I join in one of groups of the Cards Against Humanity (yes, we had to split into two separate games), I wanted to get this note out about our Single Mingle Wendover Fun Bus tomorrow. There is still space. It is only $21. It'd be much more fun to have a full bus!

As it turns out, PayPal has had a bug this week affecting guest checkout --- i.e. paying with a credit card etc. without a PayPal account. Apologies for those who experienced issues trying to purchase tickets. Given the issues, we're going to make it simple and keep it at $21 for a ticket. If you can get pre-payment to work via the link on the meetup page, please do so as that helps minimize doing processing before or on the bus. If it doesn't work -- cash or credit card is fine. I'll bring one of those "card swipy things".

There is still plenty of space for the bus tomorrow. If you're interested, please join us. We have THE WHOLE ENTIRE bus chartered, so we can fit up to 56 people. I'm pretty sure I can't stop the driver from leaving at 2:30 pm, so please DO NOT arrive at 2:29 pm. :-)

The place to meet the bus is between Macy's and the Costco gas station at Valley Fair Mall. Attached is a map, and I've added this info to the meetup description.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mingle Utah