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Utah Meet, Date, & Mingle - Community News - Mar. 21, 2016

Howdy Minglers,

This edition of the Mingle Utah Community News brought to you by "Spring Equinox. May this be a season of enrichment and blessings". (Say it with a "TV voice". It works better.)

Happy Spring Equinox
Spring officially began 48 hours ago. The Spring Equinox, which marks the official start of spring, occurred at 10:30 pm last Saturday (March 19). I hope it will be a happy season for you in which your singles life is truly enriched.

That's not a reminder for you to clean your house, although it may be a bit of a "note to self" for me. I decided to try moving our community news to our website. We'll see how it goes. Also, for those who feel like they get a ton of emails via MeetUp, please note most come from MeetUp and depend on individual settings. We don't send the majority of them. To help with better customizing our members' experiences, I should have some info added soon on how to adjust communication settings.

Games Night. How Fun Was That?
A mingle-spectacular group enjoyed a Games Night last Friday at High Point. So let's do more of them. If you're interested in hosting a games night or other activities in the Salt Lake Valley or other areas, please let us know. You DO NOT have to commit to try hosting an activity. We happen to think you'll love it and want to do more.

Community Input Survey
Thank you to those who responded to the community input survey already! It's still open and we'd love to have more input as we only received a handful. This is a great chance to give direct input on how to make this community work better for you!

Single Mingle Wendover Bus
We still have a bunch of seats available. Join us for our inaugural privately-chartered Wendover Fun Bus -- all the same perks + single mingle style. Right now we still have the tickets for $21. See more details about our Single Mingle Wendover Bus.

Service and Mingling
We were finally able to schedule a few activities to provide community service while mingling. You can see the service activities we've scheduled --- as of now we have one for The Road Home in June and one for the Letter Carriers Food Drive. We're working on finding more opportunities conducive to service work in a group setting.

Community Website Features
Be among the brave few to boldly go where others will follow in the future. How about with just a few more profiles, we'll open up the member directory. Can we get 13 more?

Other Activities
We have a bunch of activities scheduled and more in the works including ones in partnership with Whole Foods Market and the Salt Lake County Library system. Please check for things of interest to you and help us with planning and suggestions. We want to make this a strong community with lots of options, including facilitating impromptu / last-minute activities .....

Stay Mingly,

Matt Winters
Founder, Mingle Utah




this is a hilarious skit on Mad TV-- so suitable for the single life!!!