Community Leaders

Community Leaders are first members of this singles community. At their own discretion, whether by interest in ensuring particular types of events are hosted; for gaining experience as a leader; or for a variety of other personal reasons; individuals within this singles community may decide to volunteer to be a group leader.

Within our group on the platform, the names of particular roles are set by the ystem and are not controlled by this community specifically. The platform has information on the permissions and capabilities a member has with particular roles. And you are welcome to contact us with any questions.

The most common community leader label on the platform is "Event Organizer". Community leaders with this permission are able to help with functions related to posting meetups/event and communicating about them to other group members.

Especially because this is a singles community in which at least some members are looking for opportunities to date, it is really important that group leaders be examples. Community leaders should try to help avoid misunderstandings that can arise in social and group settings; should probably avoid excessive consumption of alcohol when hosting events; and should ensure the main organizer or other designated individual is contacted if any concerns or issues arise.