Site Features - Status and Development

The following site features were activated for the site launch:

  • Member Profiles
  • Private Messaging
  • UMDM Wiki
  • Listings --- For member's businesses and classifieds, etc
  • Forums / Discussion
  • Activities - aka meetups and events, etc. with basic functionality to indicate attendance (aka RSVP)
  • Member Blogs


The following site features have not been activated:

  • Member search -- Scheduled to be activated after a sufficient number of profiles are on the site. This avoids anyone feeling "put on the spot" being first to create a profile.
  • Advice - content type
  • Gallery
  • Community moderation
  • Sub-group functionality --- We're calling them "Hives" and it has not yet been activated
  • Relationships between members --- follow, friend, and other. This functionality is still under further evaluation.

In additional to features not currently activated, additional development is in progress of functionality and usability for activated features. For example, additional functionality is needed for posting and synchronizing Activity postings.

Known Issues: Members editing their profile via a mobile device may not be able to add a profile photo from their mobile device's photo gallery.