Member Input Survey - March 2016

It's time for us to get a better idea of how to meet the needs of this community, especially since more than half of our members have joined within the last 6 months. We would love for you to create a profile on this site first before responding. That allows you to easily see what you submitted down the road and help us collectively works towards enabling better options to support the community. 100 MinglePoints will be added to accounts for completing the survey, or you are welcome to provide input without registration. Any data we share from your input will be in a manner that does not specifically identify you. For example, we might share that 53% of respondents are interested in outdoor activities. We wouldn't share, "Bob says he likes ......".
1 Start 2 Scheduling 3 Activities & Interests 4 Wrap-up
All fields are optional, including ones on this page. It's preferable we know who you are and at least one field on this page be completed. Despite backend spam control we have in place, identifying who you are does help us to substantiate it is not a spam or duplicate response.
If you a member within the group on, please feel free to include that here. To get your Member ID on, click on the dropdown in the very upper right corner and select "Profile". The number in the URL after "" is your ID. You can also click on "My Profile" inside any group you are in on to get the same ID #.
Please let us know the city you live in (or alternatively the county if that is more comfortable for you) so that we a better understanding of how to support the community geographically -- i.e. where we most need to schedule activities.