Explanation of MinglePoints
MinglePoints is a collective term for several points systems in keeping with a Utah-like bee theme. All of this will be further defined and explained in the future. They include:

  • Drops of Nectar - Are cumulative points designed to show experience, reputation, and activity within the community. These are visible to the community. The others are visible to each member. How Drops of Nectar are awarded may/will be adjusted from time to time to achieve overall community goals.
  • Drops of Honey - Nectar gets turned into Honey. These are points intended to be spendable in the future on things offered through the site / to the community. Currently, for each Drop of Nectar a member receives, a Drop of Honey is added.
  • Grains of Pollen - are points designed to be given to other members. It is not yet active.

Current Drops of Nectar points received for:

Activity 100
Activity comment 2
Activity visit 1
Blog 15
Blog comment 2
Blog visit 1
Forum 30
Forum comment 10
Forum visit 1
Listing 10
Wiki 40
Wiki comments (talk) 2
Wiki revision 10
Wiki visit 1

Login 5 (once per 24 hour period)
Attending activity 10

Others are still being programmed such as for profile completion, etc.