About Mingle Utah

Mingle Utah is a Utah community of people looking to meet, date, and mingle, just as the name implies. We're primarily a singles community for all different ages and types of people, whether you're interested in making new friends or finding someone compatible to date. The core mission of Mingle Utah is to provide as many opportunities as possible -- online and offline -- for Utah singles to find new people for friendship, dating, and long-term relationships.

Mingle Utah was first stated as Utah Meet, Date, & Mingle in 2015. The initial online presence for Mingle Utah was facilitated through a group on the MeetUp.com platform. To-date, Mingle Utah continues to use the MeetUp platform, but it is not a MeetUp group. Mingle Utah will continue to leverage the MeetUp platform to the extent it finds it useful and while continuing to develop further presence online in order to meet the needs of the Utah singles community. Members of Mingle Utah are welcome to participate in the group on the MeetUp platform, on this website, and/or on other platforms where Mingle Utah develops a presence. It is every community member's choice as to what works best for that individual. Further information is available on this page about platforms and social media.

The MingleUtah.com website formally launched on Leap Day 2016.