Platforms and Social Media

Currently, Utah Meet, Date, & Mingle (UMDM) does NOT have plans to develop a formal presence on most popular social media platforms. Some such platforms have been found to violate their own site policies (example: Facebook); violate the privacy of its users per law and/or their user agreements (examples: Facebook and Instagram); or are engaged in other egregious violations with which UMDM refused to be associated (example: Pinterest). Any social media platform that operates contrary to the basic principles of community and humanity espoused by UMDM is not eligible to be considered for a formal presence by UMDM.

For UMDM to consider an external platform for "an arm" of its community or for other external presence, a few key criteria would have to be met including: 1) The particular platform would need to be "in demand" by the singles community; 2) Such platform must honor core legal rights of UMDM community members; not violate principles stated earlier; and have a track record for integrity; and 3) There must be existing bandwidth to support a presence on such a platform.

Utah Meet, Date, & Mingle does NOT have a formal presence or community on any social media or other platform aside from Any presence that UMDM does legitimately have will be listed on this website. Anything else is either another community/group; unauthorized presence; or an impersonation.

HOWEVER, unless otherwise noted, formal presence of UMDM on a particular social media or other platform does not restrict visitors and community members from reasonably sharing content on such platforms. Guidelines for such will be published if such is ever found to be necessary. Sharing content is not the same as re-publishing content. Publishing without attribution is usually problematic. Member profile content -- text and images --- should not be shared or published without the owner's permission.