Activity Posting Policy

When posting an activity, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Absolutely no activity of any type may be posted that involves racism, hate speech, or mean-spiritedness towards any person, nationality, or creed.
  • Activities do not have to be open to every member of the community. For example, it is appropriate to post an activity for a particular age group or even one oriented towards a particular religion provided that it does not violate the rule above.
  • Even when participation is limited (per above), please "err" on the side of being tolerant and polite to anyone who may join.
  • Posting of activities is generally open to all community members for various social activities of a personal interest, organized by the community member or one the community member is attending. (There may be at times some restrictions such as a minimum time in the community or a complete profile, etc.)
  • NO posting may be made by a business, organization, or for-profit venture (or by a representative of such) without advance permission. This includes but is not necessarily limited to: events, classes, seminars, workshops, trainings, etc. Businesses, organizations, for-profit ventures, and their representatives, see the Information on Activities for Organizations
  • At this time, NO posting of an activity may be made that is already posted in or is later posted in any other group on the platform without advance permission. In many cases, such permission can be given. But we need to be sensitive to other groups. Some groups do not want cross-promoted meetups or they are groups not conducive to the spirit or community guidelines of this group. So we just need to take a look first to avoid issues and hurt feelings. We will attempt to streamline this in time.
  • Anyone who posts an activity becomes the event host. As the name implies, the event host needs to host the event. If the event host finds later he/she cannot host the event, the activity needs to be cancelled or a replacement event host found. If you run into any issues, please contact Mingle Utah.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mingle Utah with any questions. We will see how this goes and make adjustments as needed to ensure the overall welfare of this singles community.

Purpose of the Activity Posting Policy
Allowing community members to post activities directly further supports helping members to meet and socialize with each other, especially for opportunities that may arise without much advance notice. As such is intended for personal and social usage, guidelines are needed to avoid over usage by businesses in order to ensure balance and the overall experience of the community.