Activity Posting Policy for Organizations

Mingle Utah has already worked with a substantial number of businesses and organizations with the planning of activities and events. Our interest in partnerships is oriented towards collaboration that is mutually beneficial. We'd love to hear from you if you have ideas.

At the same time, we have found it is necessary to be clear due to the nature of some requests receive to emphasize that we do not exist to be a free bulletin board or advertising vehicle for businesses. A few --- not many --- businesses have tried to take advantage of our large and active community to promote their business while contributing nothing to the Mingle Utah singles community. This completely contradicts the spirit of collaboration we support, so please note the following guidelines if you have or are considering contacting us to promote your business.

For businesses, organizations, for-profit ventures, and their representatives:

  • For anyone who is or is representing any type of business, organization, or for-profit endeavor, you must contact Mingle Utah before posting an activity. In many cases, it will be possible to proceed. But we need to review first.
  • The opening of the mechanism to post activities is not intended for general promotion of any type of business and event. We are not a bulletin board or advertising service. Ideally, anything you want to post will have a mechanism to facilitate the mingling of members of this community in support of the primary mission of this group for people to meet, date, and mingle.
  • We also need to ensure a mix within our group calendar so manual review of requests makes this feasible. Starting out, our default requested amount to post an activity that is by / for a business, organization, or for-profit interest will be $40.

For general policies for posting activities, please see the main Activity Posting Policy.