Community Policy - Expectations and Advice for Members

  • Be respectful of community members. When needed, agree to disagree.
  • There is no tolerance here of racist language; hate speech; or mean-spirited rhetoric.
  • This community exists in part to provide opportunities for people to date. Some activities may be more oriented towards a fun activity in general. Some may be oriented towards dating. Please just consider context/setting when asking someone out or for someone's phone number, etc. If someone isn't interested in you or you in them, please try to minimize awkwardness etc. to avoid disrupting community dynamics.
  • If any community activity involves instances where you are consuming alcohol, please always error on the side of "too safe" than driving a motor vehicle when you shouldn't. There are always options.
  • Please always be safe. If you have any concerns with online or offline behavior, you're welcome to contact Mingle Utah leadership.
  • People are people. No one is perfect. The Golden Rule goes a long way. Be yourself. No one can be a better you than you can.
  • There are places where this site may provide functionality for members to upload photos. We're initially taking an approach similar to what has been allowed on the group site on per's Terms of Service. However, on this site as in the group space on, no photo should be uploaded containing the depiction of a child under the age of 13 unless the person uploading the photo has specifically obtained the permission of said child's parent or legal guardian.