Organization Policy

General policies for the Mingle Utah singles community, members, non-member requests, and operations. Please see the Community Policy page for general expectations of community members. Please see related policies or guidelines for usage of specific Mingle Utah features.

For businesses, organizations, and for-profit ventures:

  • Generally, we will NOT be able to:
    • Forward a message from you to the entire community;
    • Send out a message to the community that is a solicitation or advertisement;
    • Post as a meet-up, an event, class, or other item that is more of an advertisement for a business, organization, or other for-profit venture more than it is a group activity for our singles community.
  • On a case-by-case basis, there can be exceptions to this. But in general such exceptions would be because the item or service being promoted is deemed to likely be of interest to and for the welfare of this singles community with a heavy preferences for items that promote opportunities for community members to mingle. In general with such a large group, it is important we use messaging and posting capabilities in a way that doesn't overwhelm the community or cause anyone to feel singled out.

  • If you represent a business, organization, or for-profit venture that:
    • Is offering a class or other activity you think may be a good fit for this group;
    • Wishes to offer a discount to this group;
    • Has any other offer or arrangement for this group you think would be mutually beneficial;
  • please feel free to contact us with your proposal. Opportunities are reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on timing, specifics, and current needs of Mingle Utah. Please also see the Activity Posting Policy if you also a member of the Mingle Utah community.