Guidelines for Different Types of Content

Every member can have their own blog on this site if they so choose. Blogs can be about singles/dating or it can be about other things entirely. It could be about your personal interests; topics about which you have a passion; or completely random things.

Forums/discussion boards are an opportunity to interact with other members on a variety of topics. We can add new boards and collections/categories of boards as the need arises. Most topics are fine for discussion boards. On heavily controversial topics, we should exercise some care and consideration of others. Topics and posts that are simply promotion should be limited.

Our overall plan for editorial guidelines is to think of it as being a balance between Wikipedia's standards and personal expression. This wiki doesn't need to be precisely like an encyclopedia. A degree of opinion is ok. Opinions stated as if a fact, especially on controversial topics, would be problematic.

Wikis are designed to be community-editable. It is best to not get "too attached" to what is written. Human nature being what it is, people are bound to disagree. Finding common ground is a strength with a wiki.

Members are welcome to post most things as a listing, within reason. This was partially designed to allow community members to share about their business and other needs they may have.

Business listings are intended such that each member can post about their business. It is not intended there be numerous listings about the same business or about individual products/services. If we can keep a balance, we should be able to keep this open to support our own singles community.

Any types of content posted on the site must be in accordance with the User Agreement. There is no part of the site in which it is permissible to post adult content. Photos may not contain explicit nudity or be overtly sexual in nature. Text content may not be sexually explicit. While this is a community of adults, some parts of the site are publicly accessible and within the community there are a range of people. Part of being in a community is tempering our individual preferences and respectful the greater community.

Content posted should be respectful of others and the community as a whole. Generally, community members are free to engage in personal expression including comments and where there are differences in view. Sometimes one may have a negative opinion about other content or activity, etc. Personal expression that is respectful is generally not problematic. But is should not be excessive or disruptive. For example, one doesn't like a particular activity and comments accordingly. That is generally ok. One decides to comment in such a manner about one activity on space for a completely different activity. That is probably not ok because it could be disruptive since it is not related to that activity.