Privacy Policy

Rather than give you 28 paragraphs of jargon to read, let's keep this as short and sweet as possible.

Your information is not given to others who are not part of performing necessary operations related to the site or its services. For example, Utah Meet, Date, & Mingle (aka Mingle Utah; aka UMDM) doesn't turn around and sell your email address to some marketing company to make a quick buck. That's not why you provided it to us when registering. And it's not why UMDM asked you for it when we need to do things like provide you with important notifications or information about an activity you've joined as a couple of examples.

There are basically two buckets of information that may be passed along to UMDM. The first are things you specifically disclose such as information you send to us privately. The second bucket is more passively disclosed and typically not personally identifiable information. That would be things like website usage statistics, web browser type, and and referring website. These are pieces of information that help a service provider understand if they are marketing to the right people or being clear about what services they are providing. Without such information, it becomes way too much guesswork, and that's not really good for anyone.

UMDM currently uses Google Analytics to help with determining how to better provide service and communication. As part of that, we do need to give you just a bit of "jargony stuff". Google wants us to ensure that we let you know the specific feature that was enabled is called "Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting". And because this feature is based on Display Advertising, it is important you have some additional information. UMDM itself will not facilitate the merging of personally-identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected through any Google advertising product or feature unless you have robust notice of and give affirmative consent (i.e., opt-in) to that merger. You can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads settings (] You can also opt-out of Google Analytics entirely using the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on (]

If we may paraphrase this in simpler terms based on how we understand it: We thought some of the Google Analytics reports could be interesting and helpful. We understand some of the reports are based on information Google collects from various Google Advertising features in general, so it's important you're able to opt-out --- whether for this website or your online activity in general.